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Basic CNA Skills

As part of being a Certified Nursing Assistant, otherwise known as CNA, there are numerous tasks that will need to be done on a day to day basis. Some of the tasks will be repetitive as they are required to do every so often for the patient’s benefit. To give you an idea of what some of the more common tasks are, and the basic CNA skills that you will need, we have assembled a few videos to help guide you.

CNA Overview

CNA Essential Skills – Mouth Care

For mouth care

In this video, the supplies required to care for mouth care are reviewed as well as the communication, care and proper techniques that should be provided to your patient.

CNA Essential Skills – Hand Hygiene

For hand hygiene

This video on hand hygiene is a crucial and very vital task when caring for a patient. This particular task may seem unimportant but in reality to reduce every possibility of any transfer of germs is a must.

CNA Essential Skills – Donning and Removing PPE (Gown & Gloves)

For donning & removing ppe

PPE or personal protective equipment is necessary at certain times. The equipment is simple a gown and gloves but are essential in the prevention of possible contamination between you and your patient.

CNA Essential Skills – Measure and Record Weight of an Ambulatory Client

Measuring recording weight

Respect and kindness are a must while measuring the patient’s weight. This task is important as it helps the nurses and doctors keep track of the patient’s health and assess it on a regular basis.

Bedmaking Skills Demonstration (Occupied Bed)


Sure making a bed is easy for you, but when you are changing the sheets within someone who is injured in it, things become much more complicated. This next video gives you a good idea of how to change sheets but this is a task that will need some practice.

Changing A Bed Pan

Changing a bed pan

We all have to relieve ourselves throughout the day whether we are healthy or not. With those who are unable to leave their hospital bed, they need assistance with this natural task. Although this is a task that you may not want to do, it is an essential task that is required to know how to perform properly to become a CNA.

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