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Free CNA Training

Is there really such a thing as Free CNA Training? For those who are unable to afford the training, they may wonder if indeed there is. To answer the question, you have to do a little more work than someone who could pay for the training themselves.

Does the word “free” really mean free today? I suppose the definition would depend upon who is stating it and the circumstances that are involved. For most of us, when something is free there is generally a catch that goes with it. The catch is typically your time and if you meet certain criteria in order for the service/product to be free.

Not many places will offer Free CNA Training however it never hurts to ask. You can begin by starting at the source that needs services a qualified CNA can provide. Contact your local hospitals, nursing homes and vocational training offices to see if they offer this type of program. Most medical environments will only hire those who have already had the proper training so that they don’t have to use their own resources to train.

Another option for you is to obtain financial assistance from state or a government agency. There are numerous scholarship programs that you can apply for; some may be generalized while others are specifically geared towards those who want to become a certified nursing assistant. To locate scholarships that you can apply for, you can look online or contact your local educational institutions financial office for more information.

Following along with scholarships, there are grants that you can apply for and the best way to see if you are eligible is by applying through the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) at their website This website has a lot of great information and it is all free.

There are avenues you can take to obtain Free CNA Training however make sure that you thoroughly check out the organization offering the free classes to ensure that they are licensed to provide such a service and that you will receive quality instruction. If you don’t, you may end up having to pay fees later on during the program that you were not advised of and will feel that you have to pay as you have spent a great deal of your time getting to the current point within your training.

Another thing to consider when taking a free program is that if the organization is not accredited or approved by the state in which you intend to work, your time and efforts will be worthless even though you may have gained some knowledge on becoming a qualified certified nursing assistant. You should also inquire if the final exam will be free as well otherwise if you are not prepared, you will have to put off taking your exam until you can afford it. Don’t forget to read all of the fine print; this may be time consuming but in the long run it could save you time and money you don’t have.

I would also like to discuss that some websites have indicated that you can obtain free classes from the American Red Cross. This is not necessarily true as many offices across the United States require a fee to take their classes. If you are interested in taking your courses from the Red Cross, please contact them directly. Their contact information can be obtained by entering your zip code on their website at

When finances are tight and you want to expand your education to enter a new field, getting free services certainly can help. Obtaining Free CNA Training can give you a head start on a career in the medical industry that you have been hoping for.

CNA Course Online

Taking a CNA Course Online – Are you Considering this Option?

There are a number of reasons why you may be considering taking a CNA Course Online. The Internet has allowed the accessibility to just about anything and this includes going to school. The Internet gives you one more reason why you can go to school and become something great.

Why a CNA Course Online?

If you are already working full-time or perhaps you live in a rural district in which the nearest educational institution is a drive, taking courses online may be the best choice for you. With this option, you are able to do the required course work at your convenience at still be able to attend classes. This scenario works for many people.

Choosing a Course/Program

When you are reviewing the number of courses online, the most important factor you should keep in mind is if the organization you will be taking classes for is accredited. This means that the institution that is offering the classes is recognized at the state and federal levels as being a quality program/classes. If you take classes from an organization that is not accredited, then your “certificate” will not mean much to many employers and your resume will be overlooked.

In addition, an accredited organization will provide content in each class to ensure that you are learning the proper information and methods that you will need in your day to day job as a certified nursing assistant. If taking classes is going to add extra responsibilities to your schedule, would you want them to be okay or the best that you can take? The best of course!

When you are reviewing a website, look around and see what interests you. Look to see if they have a page in which you can find answers to common questions; check to see if the options you have to contact them for further information in regards to registering, financial issues or even questions you may have once you have started their program. It is also good to know how long they have been offering courses and are all of the instructors CNA’s, nurses or doctors themselves?

Some other questions you will need answers to deal with the length of the program and will you have the ability to get any hands-on training during the course? Getting a hands-on opportunity is a must because some procedures that you will need to learn really need to be physically done and reviewed by a qualified instructor. If you don’t have this type of opportunity, it may not be the program for you. Keep in mind that you will be asked to perform certain tasks during your final certification exam.

If you have finally decided upon a particular CNA Course Online that you are interested in, but still have concerns, contact your states nursing board to see if the organization is accredited and if there are any legal litigations have been brought against them. You can also call your local hospital or doctor’s office and inquire who they typically hire from and if they are familiar with the online course and their opinions, if any, about the course they may have. The more information you have, the better.

Once you have your financial obligations taken care of, you have registered yourself with the program and have your list of classes you are on your way. Within a short time frame, you will be taking your state certification test and getting ready to send out your resume. Taking a CNA Course Online isn’t for everyone, but certainly is an option to consider.

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