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What Are The Requirement For The CNA Certification Exam

You have taken the steps to begin your CNA Certification and are now getting close to the time in which you will have completed the certified nursing assistant program. Your final steps will lead you to the exam which will determine if you will become a CNA or not. What will you need to be fully prepared to successfully complete the exam?

Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant

There are a number of characteristics that you should have that will help you be a successful in completing a variety of tasks as being a CNA. You should be patient, respectful, gentle as well as have the appropriate knowledge to provide the right care for and to each patient. These are just some of the things that you will learn and expand on to incorporate the proper techniques required of you.

Each lesson and task that you will learn will move you one step closer to taking the CNA Certification Exam. Whether you have been taking a CNA course online or at your local junior college/nursing school you are well under way of becoming a qualified CNA. By combining common sense, respect for others and the knowledge you are gaining each day through the CNA program, you shouldn’t have any problems completing the certification exam and passing.

You have chosen a certified nursing program that is accredited, you have attended every class and lab required of the program and passed all of the exams throughout the course. Now it’s time to take the exam. As with any exam, you will be nervous as there is much at stake, not only your time and money but the possibility of gaining employment with a prominent employer in which you can use your newfound skills and begin your nursing career.

The CNA Certification Exam

The exact format of the exam that you will take will vary upon the institution and the state in which you are in. The basics are determined by the federal and also your state rules and regulations. This is the primary reason that the program you have been taking is accredited; if not, your certification may not be recognized by many employers.

It is very important to keep in mind that when you are getting ready to take the exam, you will be taking the exam to be certified in the state you currently reside in. If you live very close to work in neighboring state and were intending to work across state line, you will want to find out how you can be certified in both states if possible. If you will only be working in the neighboring state, you will need to transfer your certification from your “home” state and request for it to be transferred to the other state.

The exam will include a written portion, a “lab” portion and perhaps a verbal portion as well. The written portion can be multiple choice and essay in which your knowledge is graded on paper. The lab portion will be where you are asked to perform certain tasks and will be graded on how you well you physically complete the task. The verbal will determine your communication skills which is extremely important especially when you need to communicate to the nurse/doctor.

If you have done your homework and attended all of the required classes and labs, there should be no concern as to the outcome of your exam. As with any exam, you will naturally be nervous and excited and this is to be expected. Take your time and respond to each question/task with a fresh look and you will successfully pass your CNA Certification Exam.

CNA Certification Requirements

CNA Certification Requirements

In order to obtain employment as a certified nursing assistant, you must receive valid CNA Certification from an accredited institution. You may be able to care for members of your family but caring for others involves a number of aspects that you may not consider skills that are to be learned through a proper education. With the proper certification, you can then proceed forward and help others at a higher level of care.

Being certified means that you have received an education in which you can care for another individual in almost any setting under the supervision of a registered nurse or physician. To be more specific, obtaining CNA Certification means that you are:

  • received a proper and approved education
  • taken and passed the written examination regulated by the state
  • passed required competency evaluations
  • passed physical examination
  • state certified

Although most of the regulations are set by the federal government, each individual state may have their own set of regulations that are required for CNA Certification to be presented. Therefore it is a good idea to check with your local state for verification of all requirements that must be met. This is important to know before you begin any formal training to ensure that you will be able to meet and/or complete all necessary tasks.

The education that one will receive should cover a number of aspects and skills that may be or will be required of you once you begin working as a certified nursing assistant. The best education will be a blend of actual classroom/coursework, laboratory studies and actual clinical experience. A quality program will give you the opportunity and experiences you will need once you are actually assigned to assist a patient.

Not only does CNA Certification provide education on the human anatomy and physiology, but you will also learn about nutrition, infection control, body mechanics, and blood testing to name a few. In addition, you should learn about client rights and also handling ethical and moral issues that may arise during the course of caring for a patient. The average time span for a typical course is about 3 to 4 months or one semester.

The responsibilities of a CNA can and will vary upon the patient and their current health status and also where the patient is located. Services can be proved in medical clinics, community hospitals, extended medical care facilities, child/adult nursing homes and even the patient’s own home are all possible settings in which your services can be rendered. It may seem that the setting is not that important; however, the setting will provide insight as to the patient’s condition, well being and what type of services you will be required to provide.

Obtaining as much information as possible before registering for a program will give you insight as to what will be expected of you. This will give you an idea of what the process is, what you will need to do while you are participating in the program and what you will need to do once you have successfully completed the program. This will give you an idea of when to schedule your application to the state, when to take the examinations and when you can begin looking for your first CNA position.

If caring for others is something that is important to you or perhaps you are interested in possibly becoming a nurse, then participating in an accredited CNA program just may be the thing for you. With the proper education and 100% effort on your part, in a short time you will receive CNA Certification that you can take with you and begin a new career within the medical industry.