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CNA Salary By State

When choosing jobs that you may be interested in, such as CNA Jobs, knowing the salary is a big part of making the employment decision. As the economy changes, one never knows what the future will hold so having some idea of the salary of a particular job is important to know beforehand. Especially if you must attend some sort of schooling first.

The Salary can and Will Fluctuate

The most important thing to keep in mind that the salary will vary from region to region. In addition, the areas in which there are a lower number of CNA’s but a higher demand for CNA’s, the salary will be higher than areas where the demand is less. Also, the level of tasks, the level of experience the CNA possesses and the type of patients that will be cared for will also be factors in one’s salary.

The demand for these services will typically be found in the areas in which the population is greater such as California and the New York area compared to that of Kansas or Georgia where the demand is not as great. In addition, the salary will be higher if employed by a larger facility like a hospital compared to that of a small doctor’s office. Regardless, CNA Jobs start at several dollars above minimum wage which is nice to know.

Getting Current Information

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To find out more detailed information about the area in which you want to work in, you can find a lot of useful information online. Many of the job boards like and offer access to find information about the salary for certified nursing assistants in many areas including your own. This data is useful especially if you plan on working in another state.

Many employer’s today won’t release the salary they offer for CNA Jobs that are available within their office/facility as generally it is based on what the applicants knowledge, experience and what department they would be working in. However, there are averages for all areas and this is standard throughout the industry.

Certified nursing assistants fresh out of school will generally start just over $20,000 and can go up especially if you are a free lance CNA. According to, as of May 2012 the average salary for a certified nursing assistant is $29,000. The same website reflects the current “average” salary in San Francisco, California is $37,000 while the “average” salary in Virginia Beach, Virginia is $24,000.

Why Being Informed is so Important

Having the information just provided gives you a good reference as to the variances in salaries across the United States. Once must also take into consideration the cost of living in the different regions as well. The city of San Francisco has a higher cost of living than compared to that of Virginia Beach.

Knowing the approximate CNA Salary by state will also help you during your interview. By having an idea of what you are worth will help you get the salary you are hoping for or at least close to it. This information will also help in knowing what your limits are as well as what you can expect if you apply yourself and do a good job.

In addition, if you live close to a city in a neighboring state or if you are planning to move to another state, knowing the salary of CNA Jobs in those areas is also helpful. It will also give you an insight of the need for CNA’s as well as the type of environments that you may be working in. Getting a great job is easy when you have the knowledge.

How To Pass A CNA Certification Test

The best way to pass a CNA Certification test is to know the material that the exam will cover. There are several reasons why one would need to take a certified nursing assistant certification test. In addition, there are tools available to help you pass the test.

The first exam you will take is when you are completing a CNA Certification program. All of the knowledge and skills that you have been learning will be fresh in your mind so answering the test questions should be easy. Of course, you may still want to refresh your memory about what you learned at the beginning of the program.

Whether you are taking the CNA course at a local institution or a CNA online course, you should be provided the basic information that you will need to know to take the exam. What is actually on the test can vary but each test will cover the basic skills that you should know as well as include other skills that are not as common. Having a study guide is very helpful at this point.

The written portion is generally multiple choice; however as long as you listen, study and practice each day this portion of the CNA Certification test will be a breeze. Read each question thoroughly and if you are hesitant about the question re-read it again and then provide/select the answer. A written portion is included as not only will indicate how much you have learned, but if you can successfully read and understand what you are reading.

The verbal portion of the exam is to not only find out what you have learned but to also determine how well you can communicate with others. This is very important because you will need to provide information to the nurse/doctor verbally. If you are not clear in communicating, you may provide insufficient data to the nurse/doctor which is something you don’t want to do.

The hands-on portion of the exam will give you and the person administering the tasks a huge window as to how well you can perform the job. There are 5 basic skills that every CNA must know and do correctly and then there are a number of other skills that you could be tested on. Skills you may be asked to perform can include moving the patient into a wheelchair to making a bed.

When you are preparing to take written portion of the exam, include taking a practice test as well. If the institution you are taking the course from doesn’t provide one, you can obtain one from the NNAAP or National Nurse Aide Assessment Program. The National Council of State Boards of Nursing can be found at

When you are preparing to take the verbal and hands-on portions of the exam, there are a number of things to remember. Not only do you need to know the topic matter and how to perform a particular task, but you should also keep your demeanor in check. You may have the knowledge and be able to properly perform all tasks that may be required of you but if you are not nice to the patient, you will fail.

Taking an exam can be stressful for anyone. Take each question one at a time and do the best you can. Becoming a CNA takes more than brain power but a pleasant behavior towards others as well; treat the patient as if you would want them to treat you if the positions were reversed. Learning how to pass a CNA Certification test is easy and if you have been paying attention and practicing, you will do just fine.