Online CNA Certification Programs

Today the Internet offers an extreme variety of offers of which one category is online CNA Certification programs. There are a number of reasons why this type of program is offered online as well as why people choose to complete their education online. Becoming a CNA or certified nursing assistant is the beginning to becoming so much more.

A certified nursing assistant works directly with the patient and also acts as a liaison between the patient and the nurse. Having the knowledge to properly care for the patient while the nurse is caring for other patients or fulfilling other tasks, a CNA steps in and does what needs to done (up to a certain extent). There are five basic tasks that a CNA will perform on a regular basis and then the other tasks will vary upon the environment in which the CNA works.

The basic tasks include (but not limited to) taking the patient’s vital signs (blood pressure and pulse), collecting samples for testing and basic housekeeping tasks. Furthermore, Online CNA Certification programs will provide training on the general precautionary care as well as infection control, the personal hygiene of various patients, monitoring a patients vital signs, dietary care, assist patient with various motion exercise as well as rehabilitative measures, maintain documentation of medical information and report the results as needed and even teach about the patient’s rights. This is just a small sampling of what a student can learn when taking a CNA online program.

Most accredited schools that offer other online courses will also offer online CNA Certification programs. When you are selecting the programs that you are interested in, be sure that your final selection is approved by the state in which you want to work; if it’s not, your certificate will more than likely not be recognized by many employers who need certified nursing assistants. Of course, there are other organizations who offer online courses so be sure to review their sources thoroughly.

Whether you decide to take a CNA Course Online because the closest campus is too far to drive or online courses fit better into your current schedule, the option is available to you. However, keep in mind that the better courses will be hybrid courses. These are where most of your course work will be online but you will need to attend a lab class or complete the necessary tasks in a working medical environment in order to get hands-on training to properly learn how to take vital signs for example.

If you have any questions as to the curriculum provided, contact the organization directly to ask your questions. Never hesitate to ask any question at any time especially before you register for classes. You want to ensure that the courses are just as involved and detailed as if you were attending classes on campus.

Another aspect to consider is the length of the program. The requirements that will need to be met will vary from state to state and an online organization may not meet every states requirements. You can obtain each states individual CNA requirements by contacting them directly through your states Nurse’s Aide Registry office. Verifying that the organization is approved by the NLNAC or National League for Nursing Accredited Commission is also a good idea. 

So what do you need to check for? You should verify that the organization you have chosen to take your CNA courses with:

  • only accepts students with a GED or high school diploma
  • are accredited by the state in which you will work
  • the curriculum is the same whether you are taking the course online or on-campus
  • the course should include some type of actual hands-on training

Certified nursing assistants are in demand and making the decision to become one is an excellent choice for a new career. Online CNA Certification programs are available and are certainly worthy to consider.

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  • Nico says:

    Does a weekend woskohrp over a few hours give someone the know how and practical knowledge need to safely help people achieve health/fitness goals?Chronic exercise can be dangerous if the client/patient is not properly monitored and/or taught exercises. The results could include over use injuries, nutrition problems (psychological/physical), or heart complications.I would recommend certification by the most demanding organizations: ACSM, ACE, or NSCA. I believe ACSM is the GOLD STANDARD!

    • Eliude says:

      I work part time as an aide to a teenage girl who has mulcasur dystrophy (SMA).On the rare occasions when her mom needs me to watch over her at night, her daughter calls out to me whenever she needs me to do something for her, like roll her over, bring her to the bathroom, get her something to drink, etc. I also have to check in on her every thirty minutes or so, to make sure she’s able to breath properly and all that.I’d imagine that it would be a bit different with an adult patient, since they’d probably require you to do some household chores. In my case, the girl’s mother takes care of most of that stuff.

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