CNA Duties

CNA Duties Done Everyday

If you have been considering entering the medical field but not sure if it’s the best career move for you, you may want to think about some of the CNA Duties that are typically done every day. Many of the activities that are required must be done every day. However, there are other tasks that will need to be done when needed.

In addition, each task has a specific process that must be followed to be done correctly accordingly to state guidelines and for the safety of the patient/client and the CNA as well. To make things more interesting, each task may need to be slightly altered (accordingly to state guidelines) if the patient is asleep or unable to assist in any way on their behalf. Of course, this knowledge will come from taking a quality CNA course and a great deal of practice.

CNA Duties

Welcome to the medical world; a world of helping others who are in need of medical assistance from taking their temperature to being a friend. You have read that a certified nursing assistant is a job that not many can do. This is true because you will be spending a great deal of time with the patient/client and assisting them with tasks (like giving baths) that some may not want to deal with. Being a CNA is both a mental and physically challenging job that can be very rewarding.

There is on average 25 skills that will be done on a day to day basis. Some are easier to do than others and each task requires skill to ensure the patient is not hurt in any way and of course there is a high need to minimize the spread of bacteria/disease as much as possible. There are basic tasks, there will be collection of data and reporting it, CPR and emergency care is a must and of course infection control tasks must be completed during every task. Some tasks are:

  • taking/documenting/reporting patient vital signs
  •  cleaning/changing wounds/bandages
  •  collection of specimens (fluids/solids)
  •  assist with personal care/hygiene
  •  liaison between patient and nurse/doctors
  •  assist with feeding
  •  changing bed (un/occupied)
  •  assisting patient to/from wheelchair
  •  assist patient with walking
  •  assist patient with limited physical therapy/range of motion

The above list is only a partial list as the tasks that can be required will also vary upon the patient’s medical status as well as where the certified nursing assistant is working. The tasks assigned in a hospital’s emergency room will be different than that of a CNA who is working directly with the elderly in a senior long-term home or a non-hospital environment. Regardless, each task is just as important to the patient as the other.

Many of the required tasks will be taught during a CNA course while others that are more specific to the job itself will be taught by the employer. This occurs regularly and this is standard so that the CNA can perform their job properly, safely and accordingly to strict local/state/federal guidelines. If this sounds scary, it’s not; if you understand the reasoning behind the “why” and know how to properly complete an assigned task, there is nothing to be worried about.

When caring for others, it is important to respect the individual while providing care. You don’t want to cause them any additional harm if at all possible. There will be both mental and physical challenges along the way, but the journey providing CNA Duties is worth it.

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  • Amri says:

    Just make sure you tie your hair back, to keep from spreading germs to other paeitnts and yourself .. as long as you do that I think it should be fine

    • Nickson says:

      I have always felt sorry for the CAN’s beaucse they seem to get all the nastiest work there is when dealing with a patient (grunt work). I have wanted to become a nurse though and I guess this should be where I start. Is there a certain age that you shouldn’t try to start this career? I am 43 should I skip a career like this just do to the length of time it takes?

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