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Listed Below is a selection of CNA books and other resources.

CNA Books for the Classroom

One may not think that there is a lot of learning to be done from a book, but you will be surprised from the number of CNA Books that are available today. Sure it is important to know what skills are required to perform, but having an understanding about the human body and how it works is also important. This information is obtained through books.

With any number of the numerous tasks that a certified nursing assistant (CNA) will perform throughout any given day, there is a great deal of medical knowledge that stands behind each task. Although this information is not as great as that of a nurse or even that of a doctor, it is extremely important to know and understand. The combination of the medical knowledge and the exact process of a task, the CNA will be knowledgeable and capable of properly assisting any patient/client.

There are CNA Books in which the basic and also the advanced skills can be learned and explored. In addition, there are books available that will do into depth about providing specific CNA skills in a long term care facility versus that of a hospital or a home. There are a number of different authors who offer their point of view and you personally or the instructor’s who are teaching your CNA classes may prefer one author over another.

Regardless of who the author is, you want to ensure that the book you are learning from is as current as possible. In addition, it should offer a wide range of information that will be useful to you during any given day of providing medical assistance. As an added benefit, some books may come with a DVD which can be beneficial to the student to learn the provided information.

The CNA Books that are required by your instructors will typically be the most current as possible. In addition, they will be the books that should go along with how the course is designed so that both the book and the hands-on training will flow together. This is very important in the educational process of learning.

Of course, you will probably want to save some money and buy a used book compared to purchasing a new one. Sometimes it’s okay to opt for used as long as it is still relatively new and is approved by the CNA course that you are taking. Keep in mind that if the book has writing, any underlining or highlighting in it that you ignore them as they may not always be the same information or the information that you specifically need to remember.



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The books can be purchased at the school in which you are taking your CNA classes, they can be purchased online (choose reputable dealers only) and you can buy them where textbooks are sold. If you are interested in learning more about CNA’s and just want to read up on what they are required to do, you can always contact your local educational institution and inquire what books they would recommend. Obtaining information from a current book will probably offer a higher quality of education than some of the websites that you may find.

If you can find a book that comes with a DVD or access to additional information online with sample tests, you will get more for your money. Obtaining the most current and accurate information is important to ensure that you learn the information that is currently being taught. Changes in the medical industry are occurring all of the time and you want to ensure that you keep up with these changes. When you are ready, there is plenty of quality CNA Books to give you a great start to becoming a certified nursing assistant.

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